Being francophiles and francophones, we like to visit nearby French regions. One of our recent discoveries was Vittel, an old thermal resort and home to the world famous mineral water. The trip takes just 2 hours from Luxembourg, and provides the opportunity to enjoy the French “art de vivre” in its pure old fashioned way.


It was the first weekend of the official “season”, and the city was still quiet. The thermal park was literally dipped in water, and combined with bright blue skies it created a very refreshing effect. It felt so different in comparison to our everyday environment, the air felt sweeter and the grass was definitely greener.

Vittel is one of the most touristic cities in Vosges, and it has a lot to offer. Some buildings were built by Charles Garnrier, the architect of the Paris Opera, big fan of Vittel. Apart from the thermal baths, there is a hippodrome, an olympic swimming pool, play parks with animals etc..





IMG_1721Craquant parfumé crème brulée et fruits rouges



The city of Contrexeville, located nearby, is smaller but has its own retro charm in addition to its famous dieting cures. I can recommend the restaurant at Hotel de Lorraine, also very popular among the dieting crowd, so be sure to book in advance.



Je ne vais pas expliquer à mes lecteurs francophones pourquoi j’aime la France. Ou plutôt ça mérite un article à part.

Voici mon petit reportage de notre visite à Vittel et à Contrexeville. J’adore visiter les endroits qui ont vécu, et qui vieillissent plutôt bien.

Le restaurant à l’Hôtel Lorraine de Contrexeville est très bien. Reservation est recommandée, car il est tres populaire parmis les “curistes”.


an example to follow

Last Sunday we were invited by our friends to visit the Open day at a farm “Au Zoli Poney”. The farm was opened about a year ago and is a fun place for children, just about 30 minutes drive from Luxembourg city. The kids were kept busy playing polo, pony and donkey riding, jumping on a trampoline and eating vegan food provided by Save Animals.


But the most amazing thing is that in addition to taking care of ponies, horses, pigs, dogs and goats, the owner Monique Theisen also has a full-time job and 2 young children! As one of the mothers put it: that is enough to give us a bad conscience… Well, I can’t disagree! And I don’t even mention that I’m not vegan..



Dimanche nous avons découvert une ferme “Au Zoli Poney”, qui se trouve à 30 minutes environ de Luxembourg-ville. C’était une Journée Portes ouvertes, très bien organisée, avec plein d’activités et buffet végétarien par Save Animals. La très dynamique propriétaire, Monique Theisen, travaille à plein temps et a 2 enfants à sa charge. La ferme est sa passion et elle s’occupe de tout du matin au soir, avec l’aide occasionnelle des amis et de la famille. De quoi nous donner une mauvaise conscience, a dit l’une des mamans.


eats, shoots and leaves

Last week I had a chance to discuss particularities of English grammar and punctuation over a wonderful lunch.


The group was the usual mix of nationalities, all of us being members of Luxembourg Accueil, an association created to help foreigners integrate. It was a real pleasure to meet so many nice people and enjoy home made apple juice and pudding. Many thanks to our wonderful hostess Mary and her beautiful house!



Speaking about grammar, we discussed this book, and I mentioned this article about social media language. I also have found this and that book which I should probably read. What are other helpful sources to improve writing?

IMG_1917Déjeuner organisé par Luxembourg Accueil.